Ok, so what’s this thing called blogging?

blogging_for_kids_under_13.jpgHi, my name is Rodrigo and I am the new blogger in town. I created this blog as part of a school assignment where we (the students) would learn how to blog properly, with an established format and clever ideas (I hope), I must say, this might be a little bit more difficult as English is not my first language, but that’s no excuse to not have fun!

For me, writing about any subject has never been a problem. Well, at least in Spanish it wasn’t a problem. In English though, I won’t say it’s more difficult; just a bit different. Words, sentence structure, and even punctuation work drastically different, which makes my ideas to be written a bit different.

One of the most important things that we have to practice while using this blog is some essential aspects of an effective blog. One important thing is to create an appealing title. This will make the reader be interested in reading the whole blog because if they see a simple or lame header they will probably just leave.

Another important tip is to write small paragraphs. When writing small ideas in a couple of sentences this will make your blog a lot more easy to visualize and read. Big chunks of text loaded with information looks really bad and the people visiting your blog simply won’t read it.

One last thing that you have to do is provide good and valuable content. If people start reading your blog, they don’t want to read plain information that’s worth nothing. If you have people starting to have interest in your writing, provide them with interesting data, things that they would like and that can be of importance in some way.

Writing is a tough process, where no one is perfect and there’s always chance to become better at it. I will try my best to become better and better, providing interesting information related to marketing (for my class assignments) or maybe even some personal stories that might be at least a little funny.

Would you like to read something like that? Comment below and I might start blogging my experiences living in Canada. Adios!


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